Working with 10½ to 14-year olds as a member of our Scouts leadership team

Approximate time required
2 hours a week, fortnight or month - whatever suits you!

Can you make it possible for young people aged 10 to 14 years old to experience life changing adventure? Could you support them in making decisions, taking the lead and developing independence, confidence and skills?

Working as part of a team of adult volunteers, scout leaders assist in the planning and delivery of an exciting programme of outdoor activities, community projects, games, challenges, learning about global issues, camps and even sometimes international trips!

This is a fun and rewarding role and is ideal for people that enjoy working with young people. Overtime you will see members grow in confidence and ability as they learn from the programme you help run.

We know that life can be busy, so we're all about flexibility: You really can give as much of your time as you choose on your terms! Whether you can spare one hour a week, a month or a term, it’s far easier to provide exciting activities at our meetings if we have your support. You may think that you have nothing to offer but you'd be surprised! Give us just one hour (in a way that suits you), and you can help us provide scouting to even more young people. 

No previous experience of scouting is necessary. What’s more important is your own skills and experience as well as empathy with our mission and values. We provide a warm welcome, a sociable network, a relevant level of easy to access training and lots of online resources to help with the planning of activities as well as lots of ongoing face to face support. 
Being part of scouting is great fun and it goes without saying that helping young people can be one of the most rewarding things you can do, plus it also looks great on your CV!

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