Fun & Friends

As scouts, we believe in preparing young people with skills for life. We encourage our young people to do more, learn more and be more. 


Each week, we give young people the opportunity to enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed, now and in the future. We’re talking about teamwork, leadership and resilience – skills that have helped scouts become social workers, teachers, doctors, engineers, fire fighters, bus drivers, nurses, foster parents and olympians (to name but a few): In short they are the people who make our society work. Scouts are all around you. You will know them by their values: 
cooperation, respect and integrity that they learnt when they were young.

When our members memorised their scout promise on a cold weekday night, they are not just joining a youth club, they are choosing a code which many of them will follow throughout their lives. They are making a choice to live a meaningful life, full of fun, adventure and friendship and to put others before themselves.

Beaver scouts are the youngest members of our scouting family. Easily recognised by their turquoise sweatshirts, they enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits and helping others. They usually meet once a week in a beaver scout colony. They also go on sleepovers which is often the first time a young person spends a night away from home.

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